About Us  

Founded in 1997, collateralFirst provides asset-based lenders with collateral examinations. collateralFirst services regional and national asset-based lenders, commercial banks and finance companies. collateralFirst performs detailed collateral analysis, providing recommendations regarding eligibility and availability for accounts receivable and inventory collateral. The lending institution receives a comprehensive written analysis detailing the current and recommended collateral availability and collateral issues. In addition, the report summarizes the examiner’s findings, based on the scope of the examination, and an in-depth analysis to support the collateral issues and recommendations. collateralFirst also provides supporting documentation and detailed workpapers, including all supporting schedules for asset and liability testing.

collateralFirst performs asset-based examinations across the country and around the world, for single or multiple borrower locations, for lines of credit ranging from $500M to $100 million. We provide independent, effective, cost efficient solutions for establishing, analyzing and monitoring a Bank’s client base.




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