Services Offered  

We perform policy required examinations as well as collateral only, investigation and takeover examinations.

Collateral analysis is performed for repeat required examinations, as a one time fully outsourced exam or we can provide supplemental examiners to support the lending institution’s in-house examination staff.

In addition, we also have experience in EXIM Bank supported loans.


Why we are different

collateralFirst works with our clients to confirm the lending institution is receiving accurate and required collateral reporting on a timely basis and in the proper format from the borrower. Examinations can be performed using the lending institution’s own workpaper and report templates or using our customized template.

Our examination staff is keenly aware of the importance of the lending institution’s relationship with its borrower and our role in representing and maintaining the relationship with their client. We work with the borrower and the lending institution to schedule examinations that meet the timetables and needs of all parties involved. In addition, we achieve maximum results in the least amount of time thereby minimizing cost and disturbance to the borrower.

Collateral examinations are our exclusive line of business and we understand the risks specific to the asset based lending industry. We analyze from a credit and not just an accounting perspective. Our tailored approach ensures the lending institution receives the most relevant, timely, accurate and useful information. Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who work with your deadlines and maintain contact before, during and after the examination to keep the lender apprised of issues or concerns.



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